Warm Up Winter: MFD officials collect donations to buy winter coats for kids in need

MILWAUKEE -- On a warm Tuesday, June 25, officials with the Milwaukee Fire Department collected donations for their "Warm Up Winter" program, which provides new winter coats for Milwaukee students in need.

Since 2011, more than 34,000 winter coats have been furnished to Milwaukee students at 70 schools, with a total of $502,000 raised through fundraising efforts such as this annual three-day event.

Oftentimes, when children do not have proper coats, they will either fail to attend school and/or will not participate in outdoor recess, which helps them burn excess energy and allows them to focus during class. Providing warm coats to these children protects them from the harsh Wisconsin winter while helping them to be more attentive and successful students.

Your generous donations helped MFD raise nearly $89,000 in 2018.

Coats are distributed to students in need in fall.

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