Want to live in a cave?! Unique, hand-built "cave home" for sale to the highest bidder!

FESTUS, MISSOURI (WITI) -- Want to live in a cave?!

A former roller rink turned "cave home" is up for sale in Festus, Missouri, and buyers are lining up to bid on the home!

FOX2 in St. Louis says the home -- located on aptly-named "Cave Drive" was built by the current homeowner with his own hands 10 years ago.

Now, due to his failing health and life changes, William Sleeper has decided to sell.

FOX2 reports the three-story cave home has 17,000 square feet -- and has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, an aquaponics space and three "chambers."

It has a year-round temperature of 70 degrees -- which cuts down on energy bills.

An auction for the home is expected to stay active through the end of the week.

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