'Want to know how George Floyd died?' Walworth County mother accused of kneeling on son's neck

WALWORTH COUNTY -- A Walworth County mother stands accused of placing her knee on her 14-year-old son's neck during an altercation over a phone -- asking the boy, "Do you want to know how George Floyd died?"

FOX6 News is not identifying the mother in order to protect her children.

The 37-year-old woman faces two felonies and five misdemeanors, including child abuse.

According to a criminal complaint, on June 20, police responded to a Walworth County home after a 14-year-old child reported his mother was trying to get into the room he was in, and there were bite marks on his arm. Officers made contact with the mother, who said, "Please take them. I don't want them anymore."

Two 14-year-olds, a girl and a boy, exited the room, and the mother stepped forward, at which point the boy "jumped away and looked noticeably frightened by his mother." The girl said when she when she tried to break up a fight over a phone, the mother punched her in the face. The complaint said the boy had abrasions on his neck, bite marks on his body and scrapes on his arm.

The complaint said officers were able to look at video of the altercation, which showed the mother on top of the boy on the ground, as the boy tried kicked to release himself. Then, the video showed the mother placing her knee on the boy's throat and saying, "Do you want to know how George Floyd died? He died something like this. Do you want to die just like him? Tell me you can't breathe. Tell me. (Expletive) tell me." The complaint said the victim is seen in the video coughing and gasping for air.

Prosecutors said the 14-year-old boy said, "Yes," when asked if he feared for his life, and added, "She has done it before."

As officers were arresting the woman, the complaint said she "became belligerent with officers" and caused a disturbance with neighbors outside looking on.

Prosecutors noted marijuana and pills that were not prescribed to the woman in the home.