Walnut Way helps bring virus awareness to north side neighborhood: 'Have to be mindful'

MILWAUKEE -- You might notice these signs if you're in Milwaukee's Lindsay Heights neighborhood. In bold letters -- African American men, women and families.

Antonio Butts

"This is a big issue for us and we do not take this lightly," Antonio Butts, executive director of Walnut Way, said.

Walnut Way, a non-profit neighborhood organization, placed 250 signs all over Milwaukee's Lindsay Heights neighborhood -- and installed window decals.

Friday, Milwaukee officials announced statics that half of the people infected locally with COVID-19 are African American. 87% of those who have died are African American.

"It was very disappointing and discouraging, but it was also a trigger for action," Butts said.

As Milwaukee's positive cases continue to rise -- Walnut Way is doing its part to inform the community.

"Whatever contributing behaviors that are involved in spreading this, that we want to get the word out so we can prevent," Butts said.

The goal is to spread awareness and urge people to take the virus seriously.

"We really do have to be mindful about who we're spending time with, how we're spending time as we think about our friends and family members," he said.

The organization is also on standby, ready to deploy financial and physical resources for basic needs such as food delivery services and on-site public health resources.