Walker supporters rally near Brookfield Square Mall

BROOKFIELD -- About 100 supporters of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker rallied Saturday on Bluemound Road outside of Brookfield Square Mall.

Republican Senator Alberta Darling of River Hills and her husband were among those on hand.

Organizers said the goal was to energize their base to stand with Walker, as they say a recall election is inevitable. Supporters held signs and encouraged drivers to honk their horns to show support.

Supporters also encouraged people to volunteer at the Waukesha Walker "Victory Center" and conduct voter surveys by phone.

Not everyone at Saturday's rally was a Walker supporter. Bradley Farris is against Walker and pro-recall. "Millions in cuts to my education, which I do not support at all. Repeal of unions' working rights. This is a highly-Republican area, and I want to show them that we are everywhere. They come to all of our events, so I'm going to go to all of theirs," Farris said.

Josh Schimke supports Walker and attended Saturday's rally. "He's one that's willing to put his money where his mouth is. He stands up and is not afraid to make the tough decision. I stand by him, and I want other Wisconsinites to do the same, especially in this frivolous recall," Schimke said.

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