Walker signs two jobs bills in Milwaukee Thursday

MILWAUKEE -- Signing two "jobs bills" designed to strengthen small business investment in the state of Wisconsin Thursday, April 5th, Governor Scott Walker said he is focused on creating jobs, while union leaders are focused on taking his job.

At a local frozen pizza company, Walker signed two jobs bills Thursday. Walker said out-of-state interests are cooking up strategies for the recall election. "I don't think you'd have a recall, if it wasn't for the out-of-state influence of the big government unions," Walker said.

Walker's top opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said it's Walker, not the unions dividing the state. "It was 15 months ago, that Scott Walker announced, using his own words, he was dropping the bomb on the state of Wisconsin, and sadly for the last 15 months, this state has been in a political civil war.  I am here to tell you that I will end that civil war," Barrett said.

The leading Democratic candidate to replace Walker in the recall election is Barrett, but union leaders have made it clear Kathleen Falk is their choice. "I went toe-to-toe with Governor Walker in 2010, and he talked about creating 250,000 jobs, but because he took his eye off that goal  and instead decided to spend the first months of his governorship fighting an ideological war -- this state under his leadership lost more jobs than any other state in the entire country," Barrett said.