Voters take note: Double check your polling place before you cast your vote

WAUKESHA -- Ahead of the spring election April 2, officials in the City of Waukesha asked voters to double-check their polling place.

City Clerk Gina Kozlik mailed hundreds of postcards ahead of the election to notify voters that four of the city's polling places are changing.

"I got a formal letter from them in June of 2016," Kozlik said.

Gina Kozlik, Waukesha Clerk-Treasurer

Voting locations are being moved out of schools following a recommendation by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) over security concerns.

"While we want to have voters go the schools, it's a good experience for them and we've been there for years, we have to look to do something else," Kozlik said.

Neither the state nor federal governments are forcing polls out of schools, but according to Reid Magney, spokesman for the Wisconsin Elections Commission, Waukesha is not alone. Other cities are also moving polls because of the DOJ recommendation -- or because their school districts are making the request.

Magney could not say how many cities or districts are making the changes because the state does not track that information.

"I think it's going to probably be gradual change. It's not easy to find locations. It's not easy to find locations in the district," Kozlik said.

Despite her effort to get the word out, Kozlik said she expects some confusion and frustration come Election Day. She said she's hopeful voters will understand.

"With the thoughts and minds of why we need to move, it will be beneficial in the long run," Kozlik said.

Voters statewide can find their polling place on CLICK HERE to view the polling place changes in Waukesha.