Voters head to polls in recall primary in less than two days

MILWAUKEE -- Voters head to the polls in less than two days to cast the first ballots in an historic gubernatorial recall primary election. The candidates are looking for votes in every corner of the state.

Governor Scott Walker is all but assured a victory in the primary, so his campaign is actively trying to define the opposition. Walker says Tom Barrett and Kathleen Falk - the two leading Democrats, basically represent the same ideas, but he says one of them is easier to type-cast.

In the push to the primary, the major candidates criss-crossed the state this weekend in an effort to sway voters.

Walker met with supporters in West Bend Sunday, May 6th. "I appreciate your hard work, the phone calls, the yard signs, the going door-to-door, but the last thing I want to tell you is we can't  thank you all for your prayers," Walker said.

Barrett attended a labor event in Milwaukee Sunday, while Falk stumped in Sheboygan.

Walker reminded voters that he's also on the ballot Tuesday. "Because of all the coverage here and across the state because of the Democrats' primary, because they hear the story of who of these four Democrats and it leaves the assumption that there isn't a primary, so we don't know what the turnout might be," Walker said.

Arthur Kohl-Riggs is the Republican running against Walker in the primary, but Walker's focus is on the general election. "I don't really know him other than hearing his name out there, but we want to make sure people don't forget to vote," Walker said.

Walker's advertising strategy has seemed to be focused on Barrett, as polls show him with a commanding lead among the Democrats. As odd as this sounds, considering he ran before, part of the reason our strategy is such is I think Kathleen Falk is more clearly defined, bought and paid for by the union," Walker said.

"You got to chuckle given I was the top manager on the other side on the bargaining table from labor. He's worried I can win because I have strong support from working men and women, not the opposite," Falk said.

Barrett says the fact that Walker can't define him as easily is a good sign for his campaign.

"I think it's very troublesome for him the fact that he can't pigeonhole me -- the fact that I'm fiscally responsible, the fact that I try to work with people rather than divide people.  He wants to make me a caricature and I think that's difficult to do," Barrett said.

State Senator Kathleen Vinehout and Secretary of State Doug LaFollette are also running in the Democratic primary, but both are very far behind in the polls.

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