Volunteers push ahead as Election Day quickly approaches

WHITEFISH BAY -- Volunteers for the Obama and Romney campaigns worked Sunday, November 4th to fire up their supporters to continue to work hard on their candidate's behalf through Election Day on November 6th.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's son, Matt spent Sunday afternoon thanking volunteers at a Romney Victory Center in Whitefish Bay.

"The momentum is absolutely building and it's going to be a crescendo on Tuesday. The feeling we get is one of inspiration. We are so humbled by what (the volunteers) are doing," Matt Romney said.

Matt was joined by his brother Josh and Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

"There's still time to make more calls. There's still time to fill up the sheets. There's phones that are available out there. I need us making calls all the way up until 8 o'clock Tuesday night," Gov. Walker said.

Meanwhile, at an Obama For America office on Milwaukee's east side, volunteers for President Barack Obama's campaign spent the day knocking on doors and talking with voters.

"Talk to the people you know who may not have already voted. Make sure they get out and vote. Just get the word out that everybody's vote is important," one Obama volunteer said.

As the presidential campaign comes to a close, both sides feel one vote could be the difference in this close race. Officials say the results will likely depend upon voter turnout.

"There's a lot of enthusiasm as we get closer to Election Day. You can feel it in all of these volunteers. It's a matter of trying to squeeze the last one or two percent out -- so there is an urgency," volunteer Jim Gramling said.

"I don't think anyone wants to wake up Wednesday morning and think 'oof, what if we made a few more calls? What if we just knocked on a few more doors? We could have won,'" Gov. Walker said.

Obama volunteers say their main goal is getting voters to the polls, and making sure voters have a plan for Election Day.

Romney surrogates are pushing supporters to keep reaching out to voters through Tuesday.

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