Volunteers fill Christmas bins at Hunger Task Force

MILWAUKEE -- Volunteers at Milwaukee's Hunger Task Force worked this weekend to fill 800 plastic bins with food in time for Christmas dinner, which is just one week away!

Filling the bins at the Hunger Task Force to help those less fortunate gather around the table for Christmas dinner has been a holiday tradition for Parker Hollis and his mother. Parker says it's gratifying for him, because he gets to help families in southeastern Wisconsin, who have fallen on hard times. "It's just nice to know that someone else can feel how we feel, that they know that they're going to have a good Christmas meal," Parker Hollis said.

The goal of this weekend's community effort is to fill the 800 plastic bins with holiday goodies, like chocolate peanut butter cups, candy canes, and of course, a holiday ham. "This is a wonderful tradition for us, to be able to help local families, and not just give them the standard stuff, like the canned tuna, but to make sure that when they sit down and cook on Christmas Day, they've got the same ham that you and I have," Sherri Tussler with the Hunger Task Force said.

The food for the holiday bins equals about $90,000 worth of holiday goodies, donated by businesses throughout southeastern Wisconsin.