Volunteers at nonprofit 'Sleep in Heavenly Peace' build beds for kids who don't have them

Sleep in Heavenly Peace makes beds for kids

KENOSHA -- Getting Christmas gifts for children isn't at the top of the list when essentials, like places to sleep, are needed. A Kenosha man goes to work so kids can get a good night's sleep.

Michael Prudhom

"Sleep in Heavenly Peace is a nonprofit that builds beds for kids between the ages of 3 and 17 that don't have beds," said Michael Prudhom, Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

The process at Sleep in Heavenly Peace, with the help of volunteers, is quick and efficient -- and that's a good thing.

"I have 139 to 140, somewhere in that area, people on my waiting list -- waiting for beds," Prudhom said.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace makes beds for kids

Sleep in Heavenly Peace makes beds for kids

Saturday, Nov. 24 was delivery day.

"We're delivering beds to a family who hasn't had a bed since their house burned down in June," Prudhom said.

A few miles away, a Christmas dream became reality.

"I'm surprised. I'm in shock," said Takyra Randolph, received bed.

For Randolph, a freshman in high school, it was a gift she wasn't expecting.

"I was in shock because I thought she was playing and she wasn't and then she said, 'look outside' and you guys were outside," said Randolph.

Takyra Randolph

Randolph and her mother were let down before -- ordering beds that never showed up. Randolph was all smiles, as Santa didn't come through a chimney, but instead, through her front door.

"I could be more active in things I do at school," said Randolph.

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