Volunteer firefighter admits setting fire because he was "bored"

A man has been charged with arson of a building, after setting a barn on fire. He should've known how to put it out, as he is a Cedar Grove volunteer firefighter, and when police traced the crime to him, he admitted to setting the fire because he was "feeling bored."

According to a criminal complaint, Sean Bradley drove around rural Sheboygan County late one evening a few months ago, with a bottle of lighter fluid in his car. He found a barn at Berry Farm in the Town of Holland, and tells police he didn't see anything of value inside, so he sprayed it with lighter fluid and set it on fire.

Once the barn was engulfed, Bradley tells police he thought better of his actions, and tried using a coat to smother the flames. He says he believed the fire was out, and drove away, throwing the bottle of lighter fluid out the window.

However, the fire wasn't out. The farmer living on the property noticed the barn burning later, and it was too late to save the dogs living inside. The farmer was burned, trying to salvage equipment and bails of hay from the burning barn. The barn burned to the ground, and is a total loss.

Investigators found the bottle of lighter fluid, and traced it back to Bradley, who admitted to setting the fire, and said he did it because he was "feeling bored."

One Cedar Grove woman, who knew Bradley in high school is shocked to hear of this incident.

"I'm shocked because he had a family and stuff, and I thought he was doing good. He's a pretty good kid," Bradley's friend said.