Volunteer chaplains ready to hit the streets of Milwaukee; "We want to be there to provide that comfort"

MILWAUKEE -- Crime scenes could soon be changing in Milwaukee. A new group is being let under the yellow tape and they are being invited by the Milwaukee Police Department.

Police officers, detectives, some time paramedics are on the scene of a crime. With graduation today, a new group of recruits is ready to hit the streets.

The Salvation Army graduating its first class of volunteer chaplains on Friday, May 29th.

This is the first-of-its-kind program in the country for the Salvation Army.

After going through extensive training, these volunteers will be called on by police when a crime happens. The volunteers will help comfort victims and witnesses.

The Salvation Army says the program is about building relationships to make Milwaukee a safer place.

"We want to be there to provide that comfort to them, to bring them hope, to bring them comfort -- to see if they can get through with what they have just experienced," said Tom Thuecks, with the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army also hopes to help coordinate churches and faith groups after violence.

The group says there are lots of people doing good things, but the groups are not always on the same page. They hope this new program can help with that.