"Voices of moms are getting louder:" Moms Demand Action movement gears toward safer gun laws

MILWAUKEE -- It seems like everyone, from politicians to parents, is weighing in on Wednesday's mass shooting event in California. One local woman says the country needs to do better and she plans to help lead the change.

Chris Krasovich

Mass shooting scenes are enough to make anyone feel physically sick. Now, they're mobilizing thousands of parents to push for change.

"The voices of moms are getting louder and we're following in the footsteps of organizations like MADD who finally addressed obvious issues and failings in the system," said Chris Krasovich, Moms Demand Action.

Chris Krasovich works with the "Moms Demand Action" Wisconsin Chapter. She says the group was founded by a mom who was horrified by the Sandy Hook shootings.

"With events like what occurred yesterday, we always see a boost there are more people who are finding out about us and deciding that it's time to activate and work for change," said Krasovich.

Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California.

She says that includes promoting community education about firearms, while also reaching out to lawmakers.

"We are looking at the legislative efforts that would keep people safe and that would not interfere with people's right to bear arms and those are things that are supported even by gun owners," said Krasovich.

Moms Demand Action

With a chapter in every state, she says the organization's goal is to find the middle ground where progress can be made. As a mother of two herself, Krasovich sees the group's activities as a way to show her own kids what she wants this country to stand for.

"I want them to know that when you see a wrong, when you see something that needs addressing in this country you have a responsibility to be one of the people working to address it," said Krasovich.

Moms Demand Action also welcomes dads and people who don't have kids.

If you would like to learn more about the organization, CLICK HERE.