VISIT Milwaukee ushers in new era of MKE events

Photo: VISIT Milwaukee

Milwaukee is open for business and ready to welcome events safely back into the city. That’s the theme of a new video released today by VISIT Milwaukee.

Planners are encouraged to choose Milwaukee for meeting essentials, health and science expertise, and for the fun of it, a release said.

"Milwaukee is an extremely special place," said VISIT Milwaukee President and CEO Peggy Williams-Smith. "And I don’t think I can overstate how important the safety of customers and staff is to the business owners in the city of Milwaukee. [Businesses] want to provide a world-class experience to everyone who walks in their door, but they also want to make sure they’re doing it in a safe environment."

Narrated by David Caruso – award-winning event planner, designer, and founder of Dynamic Events – the video brings members of Milwaukee’s hospitality community together to share their work in making the city a safe destination for meetings, conventions, and many more events.

Photo: David Caruso, via VISIT Milwaukee

"We at VISIT Milwaukee really felt it was important for us to lead the charge and work with our partners, so that travelers know when they come to Milwaukee, they see and experience that we care about them," VISIT Milwaukee Vice President of Sales Leslie Johnson said.

The director of events from the Junior Volleyball Association – a respected client that has hosted several events over the years in the Wisconsin Center – also shares why he loves having events in Milwaukee.

In March, the convention center started hosting safe and successful youth sports events beginning with the Wisconsin Juniors and Badger Region volleyball associations’ championships.


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