Visit Milwaukee kicks off a county-wide geocaching program

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It's a tech-savvy game of hide and seek, with Milwaukee County as the playground.

"We take people over to the beautiful lakefront, out to historic Wauwatosa, up to the east side, down to Bay View, and we show the things to do and see in the area," says Visit Milwaukee Public Relations Specialist Carrie Woods.

Visit Milwaukee launched its own geocaching program called "Discover Milwaukee's Neighborhoods."

Through the years, geocaching has become a popular treasure hunt activity.
"What you do is take a GPS enabled device and you navigate to a set latitude and longitude coordinate and then you look for a hidden container in that area," says Woods.

The geocache is hidden in 15 different neighborhoods, with twists and puzzles along the way that teach you about the sights and history of Milwaukee County.

"It`s a feeling of victory when you finally like dig through and you find it, or you have to go up into a tree and some geocaches you have to swim for and they get really kind of hard," says geocacher Kerry Burke.

The kick-off to "Discover Milwaukee's Neighborhoods" ties in with National Tourism Week.

Visit Milwaukee officials hope this program will draw-in even more tourism.

"Travel and tourism in Milwaukee County was responsible in 2012 for about $3 billion in economic impact and supported almost 30,000 jobs," says Woods.

But the most important thing is to help people discover something new about Milwaukee.
"Discover Milwaukee's Neighborhoods" will be an ongoing program.

For more information on how to participate, CLICK HERE.