Virginia police officer thanks boy who gave him Easter dinner with surprise at school

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. – After a young boy gave Easter dinner to a patrolling officer in his neighborhood, the officer came back to thank him.

Jeremiah gave food to Officer E. Beganovic and his partner while they were working on the holiday, according to a Facebook post on the Newport News Police Department's page. Friday, Beganovic stopped by Jeremiah’s school and delivered Chick-Fil-A to all of the kids in his class.

Beganovic also stopped by Jeremiah’s house to deliver a thank-you card to Jeremiah’s mom for “raising such a thoughtful and considerate young man.”

Jeremiah said he gave Beganovic the food because his mom told him to, and said, “When you do nice things for other people, good things will come back and happen to you.”

“That chance encounter has grown into a beautiful friendship,” the Newport News Police Department said in a Facebook post.