Virginia Beach school buses now have cameras to catch drivers passing

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Virginia Beach City Public Schools will now feature cameras on the outside of school buses to help catch illegally-passing drivers, according to our sister station WTKR.

After a 2018 initiative to raise awareness about bus stop safety using black “Red Flashing, No Passing” ribbons, the school system is taking its next steps by attaching cameras to the side of its buses to capture drivers who do not stop for the bus’ flashing lights.

“We’ve had some close calls and we get calls everyday from citizens saying cars are passing stopped buses loading and unloading students,” Director of Transportation David Pace said.

Pace said the footage will be collected and handed over to the police department, who will then issue citations to the driver.

The cameras come at no cost to taxpayers. Pace said the money collected from the tickets outweighs the cost of the technology.