Vigil held for man shot near 40th and Hampton as police search for killer

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A vigil was held on Sunday, December 15th to remember a man killed in a shooting incident on Friday, December 13th.

It happened near Hampton Ave. and Hopkins St. between 3:00 and 4:00 on Friday afternoon.

Police are still seeking the individual responsible for the incident.

Family members believe the shooter told the 23-year-old victim in the case that he was on "his turf," and say the victim said something like "what do you want?" -- one of the last things he would say.

Judith Gill says her 23-year-old grandson, Walter Harden Jr. was shot and killed on Friday.

"Lord, we thank you for the things -- the laughter that he gave us, the joy that he brought into all of our hearts. God, we thank you for the time with him," Gill said during Sunday evening's vigil.

The family calls the murder a senseless act of violence. The family believes a car pulled up next to Harden's near a stop sign at 40th and Hampton. Words were exchanged and gunshots followed.

Harden's family says he then drove to a nearby intersection, striking several cars.

Harden's family is urging the individual responsible for pulling the trigger to come forward.

Harden had plans to marry his fiance next year. She had plans for their three-year-old child and baby on the way.

"Not only did they take away a fiance -- they took a brother, a son -- everything. Now I have a child in my stomach who's not going to know who his dad is," Harden's fiance said.

"We're going to miss him something terrible," Harden's grandmother says.

Anyone with information as to the identify of the shooter in this case -- or any other details is asked to contact Milwaukee police.