Video: Wild turkey flies into kitchen window of Waukesha County home, flies away

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- A wild turkey is lucky to be flying around -- after a close encounter with a kitchen window at a home in Waukesha County.

Bonnie Knight shared the video with FOX6 News -- and said what you see in the video above played out on Wednesday afternoon, June 17. She was standing at the counter in her kitchen -- when the turkey flew into the main kitchen window -- and smashed it to bits.

Knight said she was startled -- and by the time she went outside to see what happened, the turkey was gone. When Knight checked her Nest camera, she saw exactly what happened.

Thankfully, the kitchen window was double-paned -- and the big bird only smashed the outer pane.

Knight assumes the turkey was fine -- since it managed to fly away so quickly.