Video shows woman lower herself into storm drain to save ducklings

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman didn't hesitate to save a group of ducklings from a storm drain in downtown Memphis.

Shara Fenell was near the historic Peabody Hotel recently when she noticed a mama duck quacking near a grate in the street, according to WREG.

A police officer was there with his gloves on, but Fenell, in sandals and a white T-shirt, decided to clamber into the shoulder-high hole.

Video shows Fenell scoop up the ducklings and pass them to another woman, who sends them on their way.

"Come here mama," the woman can be heard saying to the distressed mother duck as her newly-rescued babies run straight for her.

In her cupped palms, Fenell lifts the fuzzy ducklings from the drain one after another, eight in  total.

"That is so adorable," says the woman recording as the mother duck goes on her way, ducklings in tow.

A man in the video can be heard saying, "These must be some Peabody ducks," referring to the hotel's famous waterfowl that live in their own quarters on the roof and make regular visits down to the lobby fountain.

It's not confirmed that the ducklings were actually from the hotel, however.

According to the hotel website, the Peabody Ducks aren't domesticated and live at the hotel for about three months before retiring to the local farm owned by the current "duckmaster."