Video shows pursuit of motorcycle spotted without license plate in Hartford; eventually terminated

HARTFORD -- New video has been released showing a pursuit of a motorcycle involving Hartford police.

It happened on Thursday, April 26 around 2:30 p.m.

Police said an officer monitoring activity around the high school osberved a "blue hybrid street bike" headed westbound on West Monroe Avenue -- being operated by what appeared to be a male wearing a black hoodie with a full-face helmet.

The officer noticed the motorcycle did not have a license plate, and the officer "became suspicious when the operator passed a vehicle on the right, between parked cars and a vehicle turning into the high school's front entrance."

The officer attempted to stop the vehicle and police said the motorcycle accelerated rapidly, and then the brakes were applied in an "extremely hard" manner, and the operator lost control -- causing the rear tire to slide for several feet.

The driver then turned right onto Summit Avenue and accelerated rapidly through a residential araea.

The officer activated ligths and sirens and initiated a pursuit with speeds reaching 70 miles-per-hour in a 25 miles-per-hour zone. The operator continue to flee, eventually leaving a paved lot onto a lawn behind a business.

It went through several lawns before it resumed operation on a paved surface -- and the officer terminated th epursuit due to "risks to life."

The investigation is ongoing.