Video shows Phoenix Police using flashbang to end standoff incident following traffic stop

Video taken by a FOX 10 photographer on Dec. 4, shows the end of a tense situation at the Arizona State Capitol near Downtown Phoenix.

In the video, a man who was wearing a short-sleeve shirt, jeans, sunglasses, and a hat was standing next to a white sedan, as police surround the immediate area. Eventually, a flashbang round was seen deployed towards the man. The man later surrendered as officers, along with a police K-9, moved in to arrest the man.

People attending a protest nearby were heard cheering the man's arrest in the video, while chanting "not one of us."

According to limited information released by Phoenix Police, officers were assisting with FBI, and were asked to conduct the traffic stop. The suspect, according to police, was uncooperative and refused to exit the car. The suspect and another passenger were eventually taken into custody.

FBI officials say their agents were present as part of a separate, ongoing federal investigation.

"No further information will be released at this time," officials with the FBI said.