Video shows man thrown from van after he confronts thieves

WAUWATOSA (WITI) -- FOX6 News has learned early in December, thieves broke into a man's car at the Wauwatosa Home Depot store, and the driver caught them in the act! What happened next was caught on camera, and police are hoping you can help catch the crooks.

Police say on December 4th, surveillance video from the Home Depot store shows a man dragged by a minivan. The video shows the man tumble to the pavement.

The crime began when a plumber stopped by the Home Depot store to pick up some fittings to finish a job.

Surveillance video shows a gray minivan pulling up next to the victim's blue Chevy van.

It was a work vehicle, but the victim's vehicle could have also doubled as an advertisement to desperate thieves.

"It screams contractor. It screams  a worker that's got a lot of expensive tools,"

The plumber returned to his vehicle after shopping -- and discovered a thief inside.

Investigators say the thief helped to take off with about $1,700 in tools and supplies.

The plumber either tried to get the items back or stop the three people inside the getaway minivan -- clinging momentarily to the sliding door before losing his grip.

After investigators showed up, the victim told them he left the door unlocked. The suspects left some evidence behind that could allow police to make a DNA match.