Video: Possible tornado touches down in Madison

MADISON -- Trees were damaged on Madison's east side due to a possible tornado that touched down on Saturday, October 7th. A driver in the area captured incredible video of the possible touch down.

According to WMTV, damage was also reported in Sun Prairie. Police report downed light poles also.


The National Weather Service has not officially confirmed if a tornado touched down, but area law enforcement reported a tornado touched down.

Sunday, the NWS will conduct a complete survey of the damage to confirm if a tornado did touch down.

FOX6 News received a video from Dave Meyer, showing the tornado touch down. Meyer was in his car on East Washington, when all of a sudden the winds picked up and in the video you can clearly see a tornado touching down.

Meyer said with no warning, it didn't cross his mind it could be a tornado until it was in front of him and he watched it as it continued.

"It just continued through that neighborhood. The best I could tell, was that it wasn't really wide, it wasn't super wide. It continued to run through that neighborhood. It ran a mile, a half-mile or so, I drove down East Washington further, and it pulled a soccer pole out of the park and threw it into the road. It took several trees down," said Meyer.

Luckily, no one was injured in all of this. Meyer said the first thing he did was drive to his dad's house -- since he used to be a storm chaser -- to show him what he had captured.