Video of homewrecking penguin sends Twitter users into tailspin

A National Geographic video is throwing the Twitterverse into a hilarious tailspin.

The video in question depicts a soap opera of sorts centered on a female penguin's infidelity.

According to WTTV, the narrator of the “Homewrecking Penguin” sets the scene of the video, which is part of the channel’s “Animal Fight Night” series. He describes the animal’s typical flocking patterns, with over 200,000 of them building homes together in one area.

Things take a turn when a husband penguin comes home to find that a homewrecking penguin has taken over his roost. The two fight it out in a vicious battle, swinging their tiny wings and using their beaks like daggers.

Covered in blood, the pair eventually stop and look to the wife penguin to declare a winner. In a shocking twist, she chooses to leave her husband for the new guy.

It didn’t take long for Twitter users to latch onto the video that Nat Geo posted on Friday. People used a slew of memes to hysterically comment and throw their support behind various parties involved.