Video: Hiker praised for remaining calm as black bear approaches her, sniffs her hair

SAN PEDRO GARZA GARCIA, Mexico -- Sure, tourists are warned to stay away from wildlife, but what about the other way around?

In two heart-pounding clips shared to Twitter over the weekend, a woman is seen motionless on a hiking trail as a young black bear comes up and begins to sniff her.

The incident reportedly occurred at Chipinque Ecological Park in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico, one of the users who posted the video wrote.

In the one clip, which has been seen nearly 3 million times as of Monday morning, the woman can be seen attempting to stand still as the bear pulls her forward by her leg and then begins to sniff her hair. The bear begins to walk away, but circles back and sniffs the woman’s shorts, prompting her to move back and the bear to, once again, claw at her legs.

The person recording the incident can be heard yelling. According to a Twitter user, the man is shouting “no, bear, no” and instructing the women to stay still until the bear leaves.

However, she does not appear to be injured from the incident and once the bear turns around again, the woman quickly walks toward the man recording the video.

In another angle of the clip, the woman can be seen taking a quick selfie with the bear – which she then uploaded to the social media sharing platform – while trying to remain as still as possible.

The black bear did not seem to go after the other two hikers the woman was with.

The incredible moment has gone viral on Twitter, with thousands weighing in on the unbelievable poise and calm the woman exuded.

Some did question if the bear had been trained – a notion many refuted on Twitter.