Victim's family devastated after suspect linked to murder released

MILWAUKEE -- Vincent Cort was shot and killed in Milwaukee back in June of 2010 because a gunman wanted the car he was driving. Now, Cort's family is struggling to understand why one of the men linked to the murder -- 19-year-old George Taylor -- has been released from jail.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney supervising the case says he's never seen anything like this. To help their case, the DA's Office says they needed to make a legal concession. Long-term, they're hoping it will result in convictions. Short-term, it's resulting in a family's frustration.

Don Cort is Vincent Cort's father. He says he never stops thinking about his son. The emotional scars of his son's loss remain, and now, the wounds have been reopened.

"Labor Day holiday this guy's home enjoying, having a good time, and what do we have? A void, an emptiness. It's crazy. It's added ten times more devastation, because basically, where's my son's rights?" Don Cort said.

George Taylor is accused of driving the getaway car in the crime. He's required to be home as part of his bail, and that's where FOX6 News found him Tuesday afternoon.

FOX6's Jeremy Ross: "Do you understand why the victim's family is so angry?"

George Taylor: "No comment. I have no comments...innocent."

Taylor's bail was originally set at $150,000, but reduced to $5,000. Legal factors, including the timing of Taylor's trial drove the bail amount down.

"It's definitely a slap in all our family's face," Don Cort said.

Assistant District Attorney Mark Williams says the move was made to try all those connected to the killing together, adding it would keep witnesses from giving potentially painful testimony more than once.

"We've seldom, if ever done this before. It's a concession we had to make to get what we believe to be a stronger case," Williams said.

For now, Taylor rests at home, as a family tries to rest with a short-term legal maneuver they hope will result in convictions and closure.

"That's our number one goal right now -- let them carry the devastation we've carried for years," Don Cort said.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke issued a statement regarding Taylor's release, saying: "This defendant is involved in a murder for heaven's sake. He is too high a risk for this kind of bail reduction."

Sheriff Clarke also placed blame on County judges.

If convicted of the crime, Taylor faces up to 35 years in prison.

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