Victim of a carjacking? Authorities provide steps you can take to get your vehicle back at no charge

MILWAUKEE -- Her car was stolen, then she felt victimized again when the city charged her to get it back. On Thursday, July 9th, FOX6 News introduced a woman who forked over a couple hundred dollars to get her stolen vehicle out of the city's tow lot. But should crime victims have to pay to get their vehicle back?

Chelsea Petree

On Friday, July 10th, we're learning that because of a miscommunication, Chelsea Petree paid about $200 to have her car retrieved from the impound lot after three young men stole it from her back in June. It turns out, when it involves a crime, there are several ways to retrieve your vehicle and without a charge.

Frazzled and scared, Chelsea Petree told FOX6 News, she was just thankful she was alright.

"Two guys came up and said 'give me your keys.' I said 'no' and then they immediately like, grabbed at the keys and started fighting with me for my keys. Probably the most emotional thing I've ever been through," said Petree.

Police spotted the vehicle days later and it was towed to the Milwaukee Tow Lot.

Petree felt victimized again when she tried to get it back.

"We went there to go get it, as that's our only car and we both needed to go to work, and whenever we got there we were told that we had to pay $205 to get the car out of impound," said Petree.

Petree paid the money, but unbeknownst to her, she had options.

According to the Department of Public Works, the city has a procedure for retrieving a stolen vehicle and has several ways to avoid paying the tow and storage fees:

    Officials say in Petree's case, she had a 'green sheet' but did not give it to the tow lot representatives, and was charged the usual fee of $205.

    FOX6 News has been told the Department of Public Works has reviewed Petree's case and will refund the $205 for the tow and impound of her vehicle.