Victim in double shooting knocked on doors seeking help

MILWAUKEE -- A shooting victim knocked on a number of doors in a north side neighborhood around 5:30 p.m. Friday, before someone finally called 911.

The 21-year-old was one of two men fatally shot near 40th and Glendale.  It was a six year-old boy who finally noticed the victim laying in a neighbor's yard.

Footsteps in the snow of front yards in the neighborhood captured the desperate man's path as he searched for help.  One woman told FOX6 she heard a knock on the door, then the doorbell ringing, but she didn't immediately answer the door. "I waited a minute or two, opened the door, and heard someone, like, slurring their words. Sounded very muffled, distraught, and (I) proceeded to come outside, see someone laying next door in the yard," the neighbor said.

Neighbors believe the man had been shot multiple times.  It was Joyce Brown's six year-old son, Jeremiah, who first noticed the dying man. "He's screaming 'help, help, help,' and I said 'what's wrong with you?'  And he says, 'I've been shot!'" Brown said.

Police responded quickly to Brown's 911 call.  Officers searching the neighborhood found a second shooting victim, a 22-year-old man, in a nearby street.  Police suspect both men were shot at the same spot, and say the shootings may be drug related.  Both men died from their injuries.