Vice President Joe Biden visits Wisconsin following his debate

LA CROSSE -- Vice President Joe Biden is holding a rally one day after his debate just like the President did. Vice President Biden took the stage at the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse in front of 2,000 supporters to talk about several issues.

Vice President Biden continued to hammer his opponents Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney on their budget plan, foreign policy and women's rights. "America is neither dependent nor is it in decline," he said.

This is Vice President Biden's second trip to Western Wisconsin in three weeks. His opponents say they're all appearances planned in locations that bode well for him.

Ben Sparks from the Romney campaign says their team is gaining ground, and the Vice President's visit is proof. "Vice President Biden is coming here today to ramp up another 60 minute attack ad," he said.

The most recent poll shows this is a close race in Wisconsin with Obama and Biden holding onto a slim lead.