Vice President Joe Biden rallies Obama supporters in Beloit

BELOIT -- Vice President Joe Biden rallied supporters of President Barack Obama during a visit to Beloit on Friday, November 2nd.

Biden got the crowd fired up by touting the presidential accomplishments over the last four years.

"Today we learned that companies in America hired more workers in October than anytime in the last eight months. Housing starts, housing starts at at their highest levels since July of '08," said Biden.

Biden also tossed out some new political rhetoric.

"With these guys it always depends. It depends on who you're talking to, where you are, what time of day it is, what state you're in, what the polls say, how the weather is, what you feel, it always always depends," said Biden.

President Obama will be in Milwaukee on Saturday with superstar Katy Perry. On Monday, he'll be back in the Badger State with Bruce Springsteen.