Veteran builds own business, encourages others to do the same

WAUKESHA (WITI) -- For military veterans, often times the toughest challenge they are faced with is finding a job when returning home from service. An older generation of vets have created careers after life in the military.

Waukesha native Scott Flaugher enlisted with the Air Force right our of high school and became part of the 128th Air Refueling Wing at Mitchell International in 1984. As a National Guardsman he was also pursuing a college degree -- but when Iraq invaded Kuwait, that all changed.

"When Desert Storm came about I was activated onto active duty for that and served during that entire conflict," said Flaugher.

An injury overseas led to Flaugher's medical discharge in 1993 -- which also meant a change in profession.

"At that time I had decided to pursue a different career and that's how I ended up going into full-time electrician," Flaugher said.

Years later, Veterans Electric was born. Flaugher credits his success to Air Force leadership experience and government programs designed for military business owners.

"To my knowledge," Flaugher said, "I am the only certified, Wisconsin licensed, service-disabled, veteran-owned electrical contractor in the state of Wisconsin."

Flaugher encourages our country's newest veterans to take a similar path.

"Through the Department of Veteran's Affairs, programs were available that I took advantage of. Your county veterans services officer is always helpful in doing that and helping you find programs and opportunities available for training, or even financial assistance if you need it, while you're in training," explained Flaugher.

Flaugher also wants any potential employers to know they won't regret taking a chance on a veteran.

"Those people that have served our country are more mature, more willing to work, more dedicated to work and share my same values for God and country," Flaugher said.

CLICK HERE if you or a veteran you know could benefit from programs such as those used by Flaugher.