'Very humbling:' Our Lord's United Methodist Church volunteers pack 180K meals for children in need

NEW BERLIN -- Volunteers at a New Berlin church helped nourish thousands of people in need -- making a difference around the world. Our Lord's United Methodist Church's charitable efforts demonstrate how a little can go a long way.

At a meal packing event on Sunday, May 5, cheers were overheard -- the sound of excitement as volunteers and church members reflected on their good deeds. Each meal box packed was celebrated -- because those on the receiving end would finally get a nutritious meal.

Meal packing event at New Berlin church

Pat Mehrig

"I can attest firsthand to how desperately people need this food," said Pat Mehrig, a woman who is no stranger to mission work. "I've been to Honduras seven times, and I've been to Nicaragua seven times."

She wanted to be table leader during the New Berlin Feeds program.

"Being part of the family of Christ means taking care of your brothers and sisters," said Mehrig.

The meal packing event put on by Our Lord's United Methodist Church was in collaboration with Worldwide Hunger Relief. It was an effort to help feed people in villages in El Salvador.

Meal packing event at New Berlin church

Elizabeth Ware

"We will actually package 180,000 meals by the end of today," said Elizabeth Ware, director of ministry development and director of the New Berlin Feeds program. "This would feed a family of six."

Dozens volunteered money and time to make it all happen, assembling little bags that would do so much. Each bag was comprised of dried vegetables, rice, beans and an essential ingredient.

"They are putting in a vitamin powder," said Ware. "We have to remember they don't have the medical treatment that we have here in the U.S. They are getting the vitamins and nutrients they need to have healthy bodies, especially for the young kids."

Meal packing event at New Berlin church

Perry Huyck

Though they were impacting lives outside of the four walls of the church, Perry Huyck said it was hard not to be mindful and reflective during the process.

"We can begin to look at the food I consume on a daily basis, and consider that this feeds six people," said Huyck. "It's very humbling. It's very troubling and it's very encouraging. It motivates me to do more. This is what our faith is all about."

It took $6,000 in donations to make the event happen. The meals would be sent to a warehouse, placed with other food and shipped by the end of May.

Meal packing event at New Berlin church