Venice in Paris? "Wheel of Fortune" just found the worst geography contestant ever

The good news is, “Wheel of Fortune” contestants David and Keri just won a trip to Venice! The bad news is, David has no idea where that is!

That’s the hilarious takeaway from a game show clip currently rocketing around the web.

Even Pat Sajak was cracking up!

After guessing the trip puzzle — “Gondola ride through Venice” — correctly, the “Wheel” host said: “Let’s check your geography knowledge. What country do you think we’re sending you to?”

After looking at Keri for help, David confidently blurts out: “Paris!"

It was not only the wrong country, but not a country at all. As the crowd (and the other losing contestants) began laughing, Keri itched her nose in discomfort and David started gnawing on his finger.

“France?” David suggested.

Making a face, Keri added: “Can we still get it?”

As easy as it was to tease the dumb husband, wifey wasn't exactly coughing up the correct answer herself.

Sajak, doubled over in laughter, said: “Apparently, you know your husband well.” Then he finally said: “We’re sending you to Italy!”

Congrats to David and Keri. Let’s just hope that when they get to the airport, they don’t accidentally board a plane to Brazil.