Vandals commit drive by shootings with pellet guns

Cars and homes in West Allis are being shot up, and nobody has a clue who is behind it. Neighbors say it's just a matter of time before someone get hurts.

What's coming from at least one car is causing some chaos. A BB or pellet left its mark on a few West Allis homes and cars.

The vandalism's psychological impact managed to make its way into Ron Loose' home. It's the first time he's reported property damage to police, and West Allis investigators say Loos isn't alone.

Two police officers say they've been looking into BB or pellet gun related incidents. Investigators believe at least a dozen similar crimes may be connected to the same vandals.

Loose says the damage in his community happened November 13th, believing he and a handful of others were victims of drive by vandals shooting at homes and cars.

So far damage is isolated to things that can be replaced.