Urban farming expert promotes sustainable food systems

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Urban farming expert Will Allen is on a mission to provide affordable, fresh, and nutritious food to people, especially those in urban areas.

Allen, the founder of Growing Power, insists anyone can do it. April 27th he taught community members how to join the food revolution.

“People need training and the only way to do it is to teach,” said Allen.

Milwaukee residents got a hands on lesson about how to successfully grow gardens, portable gardens and do organic farming.

“Having a local food system created here in Milwaukee and what Growing Power Food has been doing over last 20 years is really the way to go," added Allen.

“The U.N. even stated the only way to end hunger is to have a local food system. That is what this work is about, healing our community in so many ways, being able to reduce crime by having adequate food,” Allen said.

Folks had a big hunger for knowledge and spent the morning of April 27th learning about the intricacies of food systems. Local officials were also out in support urging people to steer away from processed foods.

"Nutritious organic sustainable food is what needs to happen. He uses solar energy, he uses worms, he uses compost," noted Milwaukee County Supervisor Willie Johnson Jr.

By demonstrating his unique techniques at forums like this, Allen gives people their own growing power and promotes sustainable food systems for generations to come.

“I hope people will realize this food revolution is something people need to latch on to,” added Johnson.

Growing Power has several intense training workshops happening in the upcoming weeks. Click here for details.