Update: Sea gull rescued from City Hall roof getting stronger

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Fire Department officials rescued a Herring seagull wedged behind a grate on the roof of Milwaukee's City Hall Wednesday, May 2nd.

The Milwaukee Fire Department's Heavy Urban Rescue Team stepped in to rescue the seagull, as the bird was not reachable without special equipment and a highly-trained and capable team.

The Wisconsin Humane Society's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center has rescued two other seagulls from Milwaukee's City Hall in previous years.

The seagull was named "Millie" and according to Humane Society officials, Millie is badly dehydrated, very thin and suffered deep lacerations and abrasions on one wing and one of her hips.

Millie is resting at the Wisconsin Humane Society.

The Humane Society released an update on Millie's condition Thursday, May 3rd, saying: "We moved Millie, the Herring Gull rescued by the Milwaukee Fire Department yesterday, out of the isolette in which she spent last night. She is a bit stronger than yesterday. She now resides in a hospital cage in our Treatment Center. We continue to gavage her three times a day with fluids, electrolytes and "Critical Care" liquid nutrition. She also receives an antibiotic to prevent infection in her extensive wing abrasion, a pain-reliever, and injected subcutaneous fluids. She even went for a brief swim today."

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