Under construction: Thurgood Marshall Apartments will house Milwaukee's chronically homeless

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee County and City of Milwaukee officials have taken a big step towards getting more of Milwaukee's homeless off the streets and into homes.

On Wednesday, March 30th, officials announced the creation of the Thurgood Marshall Apartments, located on 6th Street near Reservoir Avenue, currently under construction.

The building will have 24 one-bedroom units.


The building will house those who deal with chronic homelessness and alcoholism.

This is part of a program to end homelessness in Milwaukee County by taking those who are living on the street and getting them into permanent homes.

"We do our own homeless outreach here in Milwaukee County ,along with various partners, so we are finding all these folks directly on the street and these outreach workers have a tremendous job. They are finding folks under bridges, highways in some pretty rough shape," Jim Mathy, Milwaukee County housing administrator said.

The Thurgood Marshall Apartments building is the first of its kind in the state of Wisconsin.