U.S. troops on Okinawa face strict new rules on alcohol

(CNN) -- The Marine general in charge of all U.S. troops on the island of Okinawa, Japan, has banned off-base drinking and strictly limited when alcohol can be purchased on-base.

The move comes after a number of troubling events in recent months on Okinawa. Last month, two U.S. sailors were indicted in the rape of a Japanese woman in October.

Lt. Gen. Glueck, the Okinawa area coordinator for U.S. Forces Japan, ordered that no alcohol will be sold on U.S. bases from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. daily.

All troops on Okinawa are prohibited from purchasing or consuming alcohol off-base. The one exception is troops who wish to drink in their own off-base homes.

The general's orders also dictate that troops will not leave their off-base homes under the influence of alcohol. And troops who live on base will be prevented from leaving base with a blood alcohol content of .03% or higher.

The statement released by Glueck's office said the new orders are meant to "reinforce responsible behavior and support our continued, positive relationships with the local communities we live in."

They rules to all U.S. troops on Okinawa as well as to U.S. Marines based anywhere in Japan.