U.S. Cellular: Advice & tools for nervous parents to keep your young driver safe behind the wheel

MILWAUKEE -- We all remember what it's like to feel the new-found freedom and joy of being able to drive ourselves to school, to extra-curricular activities and maybe even our first job. But as a parent, we likely have a different viewpoint when it comes to our kids getting behind the wheel!

Even with the most responsible teens, driving is a major milestone. When teens get behind the wheel for the first time, some parents are nervous.

Fortunately, there are ways to make this transition a little more manageable for both parents and teens.

Scott Hanson with U.S. Cellular joined Studio A on Thursday, August 27th to discuss resources that can help families with young drivers.

One is U.S. Cellular`s "Vehicle Monitoring System."

After putting the easy-to-install module in the car, parents can use the app on their smartphone or any tablet, to check a vehicle`s location on a map, as well as decipher engine codes to be aware of mechanical issues.

You`ll know where your teenager is at any time of the day, and whether the car needs an oil change.

Another option for parents with teen drivers is U.S. Cellular`s Parent-Child Agreement.

This resource was created to help facilitate a conversation with families around acceptable use of mobile devices.

The agreement is customizable and parents can use the agreement to set certain parameters for phone use such as maintain a certain GPA, no phones at the dinner table or other items that are specific to your family.

There are also hands-free devices that can help ensure your teen driver isn't talking or texting while driving.