Two times the cuteness! Jaguar cubs make their debut at Milwaukee Zoo

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Milwaukee County Zoo is pleased to announce the birth of a second litter of jaguar cubs, born August 14th. Thursday, October 23rd, the cubs, one male and one female, made their public debut!

The two jaguar cubs are the children of Stella and Pat. They cubs are the second litter.

Both of the cubs are still nursing while also sampling small amounts of meat as part of their daily diet.

Zookeepers report the female cub has the more dominant personality; exploring her surroundings and instigating play, while the male is more reserved and quiet, similar to the father, Pat.

Zoo vet staff say the cubs are in good health, and currently weigh approximately 14 pounds (female) and 13 pounds (male).

The cubs are beginning to explore their new indoor exhibit. After Thursday, October 23rd, they will be available for visitors several hours each day, with the hours gradually increasing as they become more comfortable on exhibit.