Two teens attack one's mom, plan to eat her liver after pill binge

(CNN) -- Two teenagers -- 13 and 14 years old -- are in custody in Spokane, Washington, and the mother of one of the teens is recuperating in a hospital after she was attacked by the boys following a pill-taking episode, authorities said.

The boys apparently had planned to kill the woman, who is the 13-year-old's mother, and eat her liver, Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy Craig Chamberlin told CNN Friday.

"The 14-year-old came up with the idea of, 'Hey, let's rip her open and eat her liver,' but it never happened," said Chamberlin. Instead, the older boy allegedly beat the woman with the handle of a sword, Chamberlin said, adding, "I think that was their original plan, to cut her open, but then they changed their minds."

The woman was left bloodied with head injuries after the incident Tuesday, and remained hospitalized Friday in stable condition at a local hospital.

The boys were arrested after a crime spree that included auto theft, burglary and vandalism, authorities said.

According to Chamberlin:

The injured woman was found in her home by deputies responding to call; nearby were two knives and a sword with a bent handle. After deputies found no sign of forced entry into the woman's house, a manhunt was launched for the two teenagers.

Deputies were called to the home of the 14-year-old's father when the man realized his 2005 Dodge Durango SUV was missing, and shortly afterward a call came in about a vehicle hit-and-run. The Durango was found at the accident scene but the teenagers were not.

Deputies then received a call of a residential burglary in process.

"The place was damaged. There were kicked holes in the wall," Chamberlin said, "Just malicious mischief."

A state patrol trooper spotted the two teens running from the scene of the burglary, they were caught and arrested.

The teens, whose names were not released, were booked on juvenile charges of second-degree assault, taking a motor vehicle without permission, residential burglary , second-degree malicious mischief and hit-and-run, Chamberlin said.

The son of the injured woman later told deputies that he had been taking "blue pills" and would never do anything like the alleged crimes while sober," according to Chamberlin.

"It could be anything, it could be ecstasy, it had to have been some type of opium, hallucinogen...We were never able to collect any (pills)," Chamberlin said.

Both teens have been appointed public defenders.

CNN did not receive an immediate response from the Spokane County public defender's office Friday.