Two MPD officers suspended six days over hit-and-run case

MILWAUKEE -- Two Milwaukee police officers have been suspended for six days without pay.

That's the decision from the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission after a complaint from Nikki Harris Brown, who was not happy with how officers Dean Lidwin and Timothy Meinecke handled her hit-and-run case in 2010.

The Fire and Police Commission heard Brown's complaint and decided the officers violated rules while investigating the case.

"I had to do a lot of things, from sitting on a couch with a broken leg, torn rotator cuff, fractured ribs, liver, road rash. I had so many injuries and I had to investigate this on my own," Brown said.

"This is not something that's a habit for us. I think we can take it as a learning experience. Take things a little slower -- maybe speak with some officers that have more experience," Officer Lidwin said.

"Each day I learn something new. I've learned many new things from this, and I would hope you'd understand policing is not an exact science. We do the best we can with each call," Officer Meinecke said.

The man accused of injuring Brown in the accident was eventually arrested and he originally pleaded no contest, and was scheduled to be sentenced for the crime. Now, Kenneth Smith has a new attorney, and is filing motions to withdraw his plea.

A hearing on the case is scheduled for June.