Two men facing charges after man killed over bad "rap beats"

MILWAUKEE -- 24-year-old Jorge Martinez and 24-year-old Rowlando Davis have each been charged with one count of felony murder, party to a crime, after allegedly causing the death of Andrew Tyler over some bad "rap beats."

The criminal complaint in the case says the murder occurred during an armed robbery. The complaint says police responded to a report of shots fired in the 4400 block of N. 50th Street on December 5th, and found Tyler's body lying in a doorway, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

The complaint says Martinez told officials he's a member of a rap group, and had purchased some music from Tyler to use for their lyrics. Martinez told officials he paid $450 cash and a PlayStation 3 with some games for the music.

The complaint says Martinez went back to Tyler's apartment because the music he received wasn't good, and he wanted to "get what was mine." Martinez told officials he entered Tyler's apartment through an unlocked door, and collected the PS3, a laptop computer and some other items and placed them in a storage bin.

The complaint says officials interviewed Darryl Broadway, who said he knew Martinez and had previously agreed to purchase a bus ticket for Martinez to come visit him in Atlanta. Broadway says he received a call from Martinez asking for the bus ticket, and saying he needed to leave right away. The complaint says Broadway purchased the bus ticket under a false name, and after arriving in Atlanta, Martinez told him someone had been shot at a home he was at. Broadway told officials Martinez said he and a guy named "Row" were at the house, when the victim showed up and "Row" started wrestling with the guy. The complaint says Martinez heard gunshots and dropped everything and fled the residence. He said he had to walk home, after "Row" drove away in his vehicle.

"Row" has been identified as Davis, and the criminal complaint says Davis admitted he and Martinez drove over to Tyler's home, and said Tyler owed them money. Davis said once inside the residence, Martinez started ransacking the apartment, stuffing electronics in a cloth sack. Davis said they heard Tyler entering the apartment, and also heard a woman's voice they believe was Tyler's girlfriend. Davis said once Tyler entered the apartment, Martinez confronted him, asking for money. When Tyler said he didn't have any money, Davis said Martinez shot Tyler. Davis told officials he then ran out of the apartment, leaving Martinez behind.

If Martinez and Davis are convicted on their charges, they could face 15 years in prison, and $50,000 in fines.

Tyler's family and friends describe him as bright, resilient and full of life, some of them not knowing how to thank Tyler for the impact he left on their lives. Family and friends shared their memories of a brother of four, son to Karin and father of two-year-old Alayna Marie.