Two men charged in connection with November 2015 shooting death of Dominque Jordan

MILWAUKEE -- Two Milwaukee men have been charged for their alleged roles in the shooting death of Dominque Jordan. The accused are 20-year-old Romello Anderson and 19-year-old Breon Williams.

Anderson and Williams are each facing one count of first degree reckless homicide (as a party to a crime) and one count of first degree recklessly endangering safety (as a party to a crime).

According to the criminal complaint, 24-year-old Dominque Jordan was shot and killed near 8th and Galena on Sunday evening, November 8th, 2015.  A medical examiner determined Jordan died as a result of a single gunshot wound.

Police say there was a physical altercation between at least two people, and members of a crowd watching the altercation began to exchange gunfire. Dominque Jordan was struck by the gunfire.

Following the shooting, police say Jordan entered a vehicle to flee the scene. Police say he drove to the area near 10th and Walnut, where he crashed into a retaining wall, and died from his injuries.

According to the criminal complaint, Williams told detectives that he saw a man pull out a handgun and fire the weapon during the altercation. Williams stated that Anderson began to fire back. At that time, the man who initially opened fire began to run -- and Williams claims he saw the man's gun fly out of his hand.

Williams then pulled out "a .380 with a laser sight and began shooting at anyone who was not in this group," according to the complaint. Williams told police he believes he shot a woman who was standing by the door to an apartment. The woman sustained a non-life threatening gunshot wound to her right foot.

Dominque Jordan was also struck by the gunfire. During the autopsy, a single gunshot wound was located on the left side of Jordan's back.

According to the complaint, investigation at the scene of the shooting resulted in police finding the following items: (1) a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol, (2) two .45 caliber casings, (3) three 9 mm casings, and (4) four .380 caliber casings.