Two hurt after wrong-way driver collides with SUV in Greenfield

GREENFIELD (WITI) -- Greenfield police tell FOX6 News a wrong-way driver crash occurred Friday evening, February 21st near the intersection of 96th and Beloit Rd.

Officials say just before 8 p.m. a sedan carrying a driver and a passenger was traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes of Beloit Rd. when it struck an SUV head on.

The wrong-way driver nearly hit an off-duty Greenfield police officer shortly before the crash. The officer called 911 and began following the driver.

"What goes through my mind is it could have been me. It could have been someone I know," said Andy Collura. "You've seen a lot of coverage on the wrong-way drivers going on, mostly on the freeways or the highways. But now, happening on the city streets it's kind of scary that it could happen anywhere, any time."

The driver and passenger of the sedan were taken to a hospital. Their injuries do not appear to be severe. The driver of the SUV was not transported to the hospital.

Police say the wrong-way driver attempted to put the car in gear after the crash but authorities were able to take his keys. At the scene, police found an open bottle of alcohol in the car and the driver was later arrested for suspicion of OWI.

The off-duty officer who witnessed the crash says she never saw the wrong-way driver use his brakes before hitting the SUV.