Two charged following shooting death of Ikeem Cantrell

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- 26-year-old Jerome Kirk and 22-year-old Dominic Collins of Milwaukee are facing charges following the shooting death of 21-year-old Ikeem Cantrell.

Kirk is facing one count of felony murder and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon. Collins is facing possession with intend to deliver a controlled substance.

21-year-old Cantrell was shot near West Leon Terrace Road on Tuesday, January 28th — but police say he isn't the victim. Instead, he’s considered a suspect.

According to the criminal complaint, Collins drove to the city's north side on Tuesday to meet Kirk, Cantrell and several other individuals with the intent to sell marijuana. The complaint indicates that Kirk called Collins to arrange the meeting; however, their intent was to rob Collins.

Once at the location, Collins allegedly parked behind a silver vehicle driven by Kirk. He then observed a male passenger, later identified as Cantrell, exit out of the vehicle and enter into the front passenger seat of his vehicle.

The complaint indicates that during the drug deal, Cantrell grabbed the marijuana and pointed a silver revolver at Collins. Cantrell then began to demand money and allegedly asked where "the gun was."

According to the criminal complaint, Cantrell put his gun barrel in Collins' mouth and said "don't move, I'll kill you over this." Cantrell then instructed Collins to open the trunk, according to the complaint.

Collins told police he then grabbed his own gun and began to shoot at Cantrell over the vehicle. At that time, Kirk, the driver of the silver vehicle, fled the scene.

Collins told police he observed Cantrell lying in the snow by the vehicle after he fired shots. At that time, he fled the scene. Approximately two hours after the shooting, Collins turned himself in to the Milwaukee Police Department.

Following the incident, Kirk drove back to the scene and observed Cantrell shot and lying in the snow. At that time, Kirk and the other individuals in the vehicle helped Cantrell into the backseat of their vehicle and drove him to the hospital.

According to the criminal complaint, as they drove toward the hospital, Kirk saw a police squad, got scared, and threw a black handgun out the window.

Cantrell suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the head and body -- and was pronounced dead at Froedtert Hospital.