Two arrested after three-year-old found dead in West Bend apartment

WEST BEND -- West Bend police have arrested a three-year-old girl's mother and her mother's boyfriend after the girl was found dead in an apartment building near Barton Ave. and Skyline Dr. in West Bend Tuesday afternoon, May 1st.

Police said in a statement Wednesday, when they arrived at the residence, they discovered the deceased three-year-old in the apartment. Police say the girl had injuries to her face and body, and autopsy results showed signs the little girl had been abused.

"The girl had injuries to her face and body. During the investigation at the scene we found several signs of abuse and neglect," Lt. Richard Lucka with the West Bend Police Department said.

The girl's 25-year-old mother and her 24-year-old boyfriend were arrested on charges relating to the girl's death.

Family members identified the little girl as "Haley," and described her as a bubbly and smart child who loved her two sisters. Family members confirm the two other girls are in the custody of Child Protective Services.

Police spent hours at the apartment building Tuesday. Neighbors say officers brought out bags, boxes of evidence and even furniture from apartment number 11. Neighbors say five people lived inside the unit - two adults and three children.

"I was surprised to see all the cops here. It was like the parking lot was full of them," one neighbor said. "A little bit scary because it's right in our backyard. It was a little unnerving that something bad happened in our neighborhood," another neighbor said.

Others living in the apartment complex also expressed concern. Tim Thorne said he called police to make sure he'd be safe. "When I talked to them they said go home tonight, but they really didn't tell me any more than that," Thorne said.

Police say their investigation is ongoing.