Two alleged carjackers enter guilty plea

TOWN OF SOMERS -- 19-year old Cameron Edwards of Mount Pleasant and 19-year-old Jenna Shaw of New London, Iowa entered guilty pleas on Tuesday. The two teens are charged with theft and battery after attempting to carjack a 75-year-old man.

Police say the teens told 75-year-old Alex Weber they ran out of gas and then tried to carjack the 75-year-old man.

Edwards and Shaw are charged with one count of conspiracy to commit armed carjacking (repeater), and one count of party to the crime of attempted battery to the elderly with a dangerous weapon (repeater).


Sheriff’s officials say 19-year-old Cameron Edwards of Mount Pleasant and 19-year-old Jenna Shaw of New London, Iowa, pulled into 75-year-old Alex Weber’s driveway in the 6500 block of 18th Street in the Town of Somers, claiming to have run out of gas.

Weber drove the two to a Kwik Trip gas station and removed the keys from his vehicle while pumping gas for the two. They returned to Weber’s driveway, and the two did not exit the vehicle. Weber began pumping gas into the suspects’ vehicle, and the male suspect tried choking Weber, while yelling to the female, “get the keys!” “I see this tire iron come over my head and I just dropped the gas and grabbed it,” Weber said between laughs Tuesday night after the incident. “I pushed up ducked under and got away on him.”

Weber was able to fight off the attack, and did not give up his keys. The suspects fled from the scene in their own vehicle, described as a black Saturn.

Weber called 911, but the call was disconnected. “When I got inside (to call 911), I was just shaking!” Weber said.

Deputies were dispatched to Weber’s home, and checked the area for the fleeing vehicle, which was located in the Walmart parking lot. Deputies located the suspects inside the Walmart store with the help of Walmart security, and the suspects then attempted to flee on foot.

Deputies were able to catch Shaw, and a Taser was used to take the Edwards into custody. Sheriff’s officials say the two are both on probation in Iowa, and may be extradited. They are also likely to face felony robbery while armed charges for this incident in Wisconsin. “It is unfortunate that anyone would try to take advantage of someone offering to help. It sounds like these two criminals picked on the wrong person. Mr. Weber showed them they should not have come to Kenosha County to commit this crime.”

Edwards will appear in court on May 17th, and Shaw's next court appearance is on May 31st.